New Mexico, USA – March 2019

The Chihuahua Desert is the largest of the North American deserts and is located in the border area between the USA and Mexico. White Sands is part of it and is located in the south of the US state of New Mexico. It is indeed white and the largest gypsum desert in the world. When we were there, there was a strong storm that made it difficult to stay and photograph outside. The sand flew into my eyes and prevented a clear view. Fortunately, the camera survived this mission undamaged.

On the way to White Sands. The storm drives sand and dust clouds through the desert.
Dunes of gypsum pile up over the plain.
Soap tree yuccas (Yucca elata) are able to thrive in the constantly changing landscape of the wandering dunes.
A 13 km long road leads into the unreal (and inhospitable) world of the white dunes.