Hello and welcome to my website.

Photography has long been my passion, and I am said to have a good eye for it. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, I pack my camera and go on the search for worthwhile motives.

From the beginning I tried to create interesting, appealing and aesthetic pictures with the available technology. For some of them, it was the imperfect image quality that was particularly appealing.

Meanwhile, the equipment and the picture quality became better, and I am constantly learning new things. But the more you learn and broaden your horizon, the more you realize how much you don’t know yet. From the technical side as well as from the own abilities a lot more is possible. For me, with my tendency towards perfectionism, this is a tough nut to crack. But what helps me are my curiosity, patience and perseverance as well as the return to the method mentioned at the beginning to achieve the best possible results with the available technique.

This website was conceived as an exhibition space in which the pictures are the center of attention and speak for themselves. You will find the photos in the gallery divided into different categories. More pictures will be added over time. In addition, there are occasionally contributions in the blog with explanations and further

I hope you enjoy looking at my photos and that you like them.