New Mexico, USA – March 2019

The “Very Large Array” (VLA) is an observatory consisting of 27 radio telescopes with a diameter of 25 meters each. The system is installed on a Y-shaped rail system of 21 km length each and can be positioned on it in different configurations. It was built in the 1970s and, following extensive modernization, has been state-of-the-art since 2012.

We drove there and back twice, as a snowstorm had just set in on our arrival on the first day, making photography impossible. We decided to try again the next day. After all, these detours from our main route meant two trips of 160 km back and forth.

On the second day it was still stormy and bitterly cold, but I was able to take some nice photos in quite dramatic light conditions. The cows are omnipresent there – after all we are in cowboy country.