Arizona & Utah, USA – July 2017

On our one-week tour across the Four-Corners region, in which the four states Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico border each other, we (my wife and I) reach Monument Valley at about 1,900 m above sea level. It is located on the border between Arizona and Utah and looks breathtaking and as not of this world. No wonder it has served as a backdrop for many film and television productions.

Monument Valley

These striking rock formations, which are called “Butte” in English, are known from several wild west films. One almost expects John Wayne to come around the corner on horseback. Fascinating is the endless expanse and desolation of the desert landscape shimmering in the heat.

The Mittens and Merricks Butte

This breathtaking view of Monument Valley shows the beauty and dimensions of this spectacular desert. In the film “Forrest Gump,” it served as the backdrop for the end of his three-year run across the United States.

Monument Valley