Green June Beetle

(Cotinis nitida)
Indiana, USA – July 2019

This metallic shimmering beetle is native to the east of the USA and occurs most frequently in the south. The beetles feed on all kinds of fruits and cause crop damage. The larvae damage, among other things, the roots of vegetables and ornamental plants.

Green June Beetle
Green June Beetle

Flower Crab Spider with Prey

(Misumena vatia)
Indiana, USA – July 2019

This spider species, widespread in the northern hemisphere of the earth, usually sits well camouflaged on flowers, where it ambushes insects that visit them. It can adapt its color to its surroundings and varies between yellow, yellow-green and white.

The prey is quickly grabbed with the two enlarged pairs of forelegs and killed by a bite in the back of the neck. The spider can overpower prey, that is several times bigger than itself.

Flower Crab Spider

Common Brimstone Butterfly

(Gonepteryx rhamni)
Neandertal, Germany – July 2019

At 12 months, the common brimstone butterfly has the longest life span of any butterfly in Central Europe. It is the only butterfly that hibernates freely in the vegetation. By the freezing point of its body fluids lowering substances, it is able to withstand frosts of up to minus 20° C, even if it is completely covered with snow.

In March the common brimstone butterflies become active again and in April a new life cycle begins with the laying of eggs.

Common Brimstone Butterfly ♀︎